East Riding Miniatures “Raptors”

A pair of raptor-like monsters from ERM’s 15mm fantasy line. These are available as pack FT-43  in the Lizard Man range. 
The miniatures are about 5cm long and 2.5 cm tall
at the hip. This scales out in  1/100th scale as 5 meters/15 feet long, and 2.5 meters/9 feet 
tall. This puts the ERM raptors in the realm of Utahraptor or Achillobator. The castings
are sculpted with a somewhat robust body, a long tail with hook or stinger, sickle claws
on the hind legs, short arms, and a large carnosaur-like head, After painting mine, I realized
they could easily be modified to produce a juvenile tyrannosaur by filing down the tail stinger
and clipping off the sickle claws. The large, deep head and short arms are more reminiscent
 of tyrannosaurs than the narrower heads and more developed fore-limbs of dromaeosaurs. I still
like them as they are, and just consider the ‘stinger’ some kind of display feature.



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