Splintered Light Miniatures “Raptors”

Splintered Light Miniatures also have non-species specific raptors in their fantasy range.
Also available as mounts for Dark Elves, the raptors are available seperately as a six-pack in
 their animal line. The raptors come in the two poses shown-one standing with a closed mouth and
the second rearing open mouth. The Splinterd Light raptors are a similar size to the ERM offering
coming to 4.5 CM. This would make these animals about 4.5 meters/ 15 feet long, again putting
then closest in size to Utahraptor/Achillobator. These models are scuplted in a more ‘gracile’ style
than the ERM raptor. The fore-limbs are well-developed and the neck long and bird-like with a noticable
buldge in the throat. I painted this coral-rose on my models to represent an inflatable pouch used for
displays of aggression and/or courtship. The head is narrow. The pose with closed mouth does not have
visible teeth which adds to its bird-like quality. The open mouth figure has finely sculpted teeth. The
usual sickle claws are present on the hind legs.

The humans in the comparison shot are Roman civilians by Donnington Miniatures.



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