Collectible Pewter Figurines-some prehistoric finds

Recently I stumbled upon a Noah’s Ark collection of pewter figurines sold by W.T. Wilson Pewter The different animals are available individually and the dimensions given on their webstore prompted me to shoot off an order. I purchased the ‘turtles'(really tortoises), the ‘alligators’ (really crocodiles) , the ‘warthogs’ (really Eurasian wild boars) and the lions. Tonight I’ll look at the tortoises and crocodiles-these figures are the most universally prehistoric. I suppose I can used them from about 200 million years ago to the present!

The pair of tortoises are nicely cast models and in 1/1ooth scale would be about 4 feet tall. They make suitable Galapagos-style giant tortoises. I can find no evidence that such tortoises existed before the Pleistocene, but I would throw them into a Mesozoic world with no problems. I painted mine with greyish skin and a dark brown carapace. A scheme similar to living big tortoises.

The pair of crocodiles are equally nice figures. The skin texture is excellent and well detailed with deeply engraved scutes. I think the maker went a bit overboard with the scutes, extending them down the flanks, but this gives a more prehistoric effect. The crocs are about 2 inches long, making them about 16 feet in 15mm. A perfect size for a crocodile! I painted mine as close to a Nile crocodile as possible-sand. brown, burnt umber, cream.

The above pics show them straight out of the mailbox and with a coat of future mixed with black ink. I forgot to upload the painted versions on my laptop so I’ll post those tomorrow!


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