Accidentally 15mm-UHA/Kaiyodo Parasaurolophus

Featured on this post is a UHA/Kaiyodo “Dinotales” plastic parasaurolophus. For those not familiar with the Kaiyodo prehistoric animal figurines, these were sold in vending machines packaged with candy to Japanese school kids. Had I lived in Japan ten years ago I would have been the oldest school kid spending my hard-earned Yen in vending machines!  The figures came as snap-together plastic kits and make a pretty accurate portrayal of the creature in question. The toys were made to fit the package so scale is all over the place-some small sea creatures would be 1/2 life-size while others will fit with 54mm, 28mm, 20mm, 15mm, or smaller. The rule of thumb is that animals that were small in life are too big for 15mm and those that were huge in life tend to be too small.  

Roughly Kaiyodo dinosaurs that were medium to large in life  make great figures for use in 15mm lost world games. A good example of this is the excellent parasaurolophus toy. It measures 8.5 cm from forehead to tail-tip making parasaurolophus about 28 feet long in 1/100th scale.  This makes it only slightly smaller than the longest known length-31 feet-so our animal is well within the acceptable size variation.

The Kaiyodo  parasaurolophus is shown in the photos as painted-a bright baby blue with dark striping, white spots, and yellow legs and forehead.  I will not bother to repaint the two I have since they look perfectly fine though they are a little garish. For comparison I have included pictures of Primaeval Designs excellent 15mm metal lambeosaurus. Lambeosaurus is about 10cm so a bit bigger which matches perfectly with the fossil record.

The UHA/Kaiyodo figures are long out of production, but still easy to find on E-bay for reasonable, and sometimes unreasonable, prices. Parasaurolophus is one of the cheaper models.


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