10mm vs 15mm continued

Here are more 10mm Magisiter Militum dinosaurs for use in 15mm prehistoric or lost world gaming. First up is the early Cretaceous abelisaurid therapod Carnotaurus. A strange carnosaur from Agentina. Its most notable feature was the narrow and deep head with horn-like ridges over the eyes. The horns don’t show up very well in 1omm, but I just rationalize that this guy is young and doesn’t have them yet.  In life the largest known is 25 feet long, so not very big for a carnosaur. The M.M. model is 5 cm long and 3.5cm tall making it 15 feet long and 11 feet tall when mixed with 15mm miniatures.

After the dangerous creatures are out of the way, we now move on to Cretaceous  browsers-the bone-heads. Magister Militum produces two of these herbivores both of which have mighty names-Stygimoloch and Pachycephalosaurus-for animals that seem to have been generally meals for much larger or swifter predators. It is if we named the gazelle “Super Horn Beast”. Of  course who knows? Cape water buffalo are placid grass-eaters that kill people all the time!  In the M.M. range, Stygimoloch is larger than Pachycephalosaurus, but this appears to be the reverse when the existing fossils are compared. Pachy  could be about 26 feet long while Stygi reached a mere 15 feet, but this is no problemo since there were many species of  bone-heads ranging in size from around 4′ to over 25′, and all looked very similar. The size range makes integrating these models into 15mm very easy since a 10mm bone-head can be a smaller species in 15mm.  Our representatives  measure at 4cm for Stygi and 3.5cm for Pachy, making their 15mm sizes as 12 feet and 11 feet or so. I used some artistic license and painted Stygi as male and Pachy as female of the same species. Stygimoloch has a glorius crown of thorns to attract the ladies. Special thanks to paleo-artist Dougal Dixon for the the green dorsal/orange underbelly scheme.

The last 10mm dinosaur is that I recieved is the truly iconic Triceratops.  How can you go wrong with a creature that is not only the State Dinosaur of Wyoming, it is also the State Fossil of South Dakota!  In life a Triceratops grew to about 25-30 feet long. The M.M. model is 6cm long making it 20 feet long in 15mm, or almost adult size. The head on the 10mm model is big, about as big as the 15mm Khurasan version, and the horns are straighter and with a narrower spread than either the Khurasan or the Primaeval Designs trike. I gave this smaller one a simple scheme-grey body with yellowish speckles and a pale yellow ochre face.

Overall I’m quite happy with the Magister Militum 10mm dinosaurs and I have more on the way from the UK:  Giganotosaurus,  Deinonychus, Euplocephalus . Velociraptor (chicks for my Khurasan Deinonychus!),  Ankylosaur, and Kosmoceratops.


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  1. Posted by Nick on November 5, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Hi, very useful information! Did you get the Kosmoceratops from Magister Militum? I’m interested to know what they look like and they are taking an age to update their site…


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