10mm vs 15mm

I decided to order some of the 10mm dinosaurs from Magister Militum thinking that the smaller dinosaurs could represent 2/3rd grown sub-adult animals or different sub-species of the same dino.

First I will look at 10mm Suchomimus and Baryonyx.  The known specimen of s Suchomimus was only discovered in 1998 and was apparently a young animal already about 30 feet long. The 10mm model by Magister Militum is 7cm long making it about 23 feet long with 15mm figures. 

Baryonyx is another relatively new dinosaur discovery from England, but other fossils have been found in Spain and Portugal. In life the largest known is 25 feet long. Magister Militum’s version is 6cm or 20 feet long in 15mm.

The sculpts are nice and the castings clean, but both had a ‘hook’ or ‘notch’ in the upper jaw similar to a modern crocodile, but this might be difficult to portray in 10mm. That being said, I have no problem with using them in a game and find them a useful monster for fighting other dinosaurs or hunting humans. Both were fish-eaters and may have lived like colossal wading birds!  On a related note, the most recent opinion is that Baryonyx and Suchomimus were closely related species, and Baryonyx may have had a low back ridge like his cousin.


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