15mm Pulp Adventurers.

To explore lost continents or travel to the Earth’s core we need some suitable human adventurer figures. Both Khurasan Miniatures and Rebel Miniatures have produced sets of Pulp-era characters that are most suitable for trekking into primeaval worlds and fighting monsters, beasts, and primitives.

The Khurasan set consists of three figures in the Mystri Island range. The characters include British and German officers with pistol and a ‘femme fatale’ with a large-bore shotgun. The German figure is distinctly German in a WW1 uniform while the British officer is simply a guy in tunic, trousers, and solar topee that can be from anywhere you prefer. The female figure is smartly fitted out in safari attire.

The Rebel Miniatures set is part of their “Chaos in Cairo” line of Pulp horror figures. This is a set of four figures featuring  a gentleman in sun helmet with shotgun, a “Indiana Jones”-type with two revolvers , an Egyptian man in fez with revolver(I suspect he is a police detective/constable, and a young woman holding an eldritch tome of some kind(an ancient account of a visit to Lemuria?). The two sets are quite compatible with the figures being about 16mm from foot to eye. With four men armed with handguns and only two shotguns they are a bit underarmed. To beef up the firepower there are armed natives and British troops in the Rebel Miniatures line, plus the new range of African explorers by Blue Moon Manufacturing has a nice set of ‘Great White Hunters”  that will find some animals to blaze away at.  Blue Moon also and Rebel both have sets of native porters, and Blue Moon will soon have sets of adventurers and figures inspired by ERB’s Tarzan 


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