Battlefield Architect Terrain

A while ago I ordered some jungle terrain from Battlefield Architect’s Ebay store. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve received it so I decided to review the pieces on the Zoo. First up are the bases of jungle plants. These are quite nice with no two alike. The majority are on a roughly 2″x3″ base with several plastic jungle plants attached. I’m sure they were originally intended for 28mm games, but work fine with 15mm. In fact, somewhere or other I have a photo of myself standing next to a giant jungle plant in the Philippines. I look like a 15mm figure next to a 28mm plant! One of the jungle bases is a larger more circular piece with a palm tree growing out of the center and surrounded by the same variety of plastic plants and some model railway tall grass. For games set before the evolution of grass I just use my imagination and consider the tall grass as cattail or similar vegetation.

Along with the jungle tiles I received three jungle mesas . These make great impassable terrain for Lost Lands. Two pieces are about 2″ to 3″ tall-too tall on their cliff side-this is too tall for a 15mm dinosaur to climb, while on the reverse is a step-like grade leading to the top of the cliff.  The third piece is lower and flatter about 1″ tall. Each piece is dotted with jungle plants and green flock that has the effect of moss or lichen. Very nice pieces indeed, especially with someone like myself who is too lazy and unskilled to make my own terrain.


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