Beware of Rock Devils

In my quest for Pulp/VSF gaming materials I have found a few interesting pieces in non-gaming places. Here are my “Rock Devils”-inhabitants of the arid mountains of Lemuria. I found these pewter horned lizard figurines here:

The figures are a little pricey, but the details are quite nice. The company makes replicas in various sizes and I ended up purchasing a few ranging in size from .5″-1.5″. The smallest lizards were made as stick pins and I just clipped off the pin with wire snippers, leaving a little hollow lizard that I could glue to a base. The other lizards were made as collectibles and are detailed bottom and top to represent different species of  horned lizards. For bases I used various washers and all were painted in a sandy shade with brown mottleing and the horns were done in ivory. The real horned-lizard only eats ants, but my Pulp/VSF version will eat anything it can get in its mouth.   The rough terrain rocks in the pictures are resin pieces from The Scene.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Love the way you have painted them and the basing is great.

    Having looked at the site I see what you mean about the cost – not good for the wallet but they are so so good I know why you just had to get them. I’ve put them on the ‘to buy when I win the lottery’ list 🙂


    • They are expensive pieces, but on the other hand I think I donated to the preservation of the horned-lizard. I’ve lived in the USA my whole life and traveled to California, Wyoming, Utah….but I’ve never seen one of these lizards exept on TV! Not even in a zoo.


  2. The safarai dude looks cool.


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