Killer Apes

I recently received the Blue Moon Manufacturing pack 15DDA-121 “Jungle Man, Jungle Woman, and their Great Apes”. My first impressions is that the pack is fantastic. You get two E.R. Burroughs-inspired jungle denizens with nine massive long-armed gorilla-like apes. The jungle couple are still on the painting table, but here are the apes in all their glory. Instead of going with a gorilla black scheme, I painted them a more generic brown with charcoal skin. Maybe these are more in the mold of R.E. Howard’s killer apes that show up now and again in Conan tales. The apes stand about 20mm making them around 6.5-7′ tall in 1/100th scale. In the set you  get three each of three menacing poses


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  1. Great blog. It’s always nice to see how big a miniature is compared to a human figure. The paint jobs are fantastic as well.


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