Blue Moon Deep Dark Africa figures

While not designed specifically for Lost World expeditions, Blue Moon Manufacturing’s new Deep Dark Africa range offers numerous useful figures for exploring or populating Pellucidar, Lemuria, Caprona, or wherever else you wish to place your VSF/Pulp prehistoric setting. Once the range was released I immediately sent off an order for four packs: Great White Hunters, Male and Female Adventurers, Missionaries-Explorers-Victims etc, and The Jungle Man-Jungle Woman-and their Great Apes. I’ve already posted on the Apes, so today I’ll have a look at the other packs.

It’s way too time-consuming and tedious to read a figure-by-figure breakdown of the packs. In general terms they are 18mm models of  mid to late 19th Century Europeans in typical ‘safari’ gear of the time.

Pack 15DDA-117 is the pack of “Missionaries, Explorers, Victims and other White Folk” is the most varied of the packs I received. There are 24 figures in the set plus a table, chairs, and some bottles to set on the table. The figures consist of four missionaries preaching and waving the Good Book about, five captives including two tied to posts and one boiling in the cannibal’s pot,  five explorer figures, two photographers, and several women some of whom are armed. All in all a very good and useful set with well proportioned figures. The photos below show some of this set, but several figures are still being painted.

Set 15DDA-118 Great White Hunters is more straight-forward consisting of ten armed hunters. Nine have big game rifles and one has a revolver. Dressed in a plausible mix of clothing, slouch hats or pith helmets. A good set for your rank-and-file expedition members.

Set 15DDA-Men and Women Adventurers-Your set of  “Stars” in “Lost Lands” terms. Ten figures, five men and five women with a mix of rifles and side-arms. One lady is properly attired in Victorian sporting attire, while the other four are shockingly dressed in the same fashion as the men. Oh  the scandal of it.

Lastly we have Tarquin, Lord of Lemuria and his mate Jill. Both figures are properly larger than life. I used some artistic license and armed them with obsidian blades instead of the traditional hunting knife.


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