Ankylosaurs, the armored giants of the Cretaceous, are one of those iconic dinosaurs that ended up being made as toys and models in plastic, resin, metal, and I’m sure other mediums I have not thought of.  First discovered in the early 20th century, there are now several species known ranging in size from smallish to giant. In 15mm only one Ankylosaurus is available so far from Khurasan Miniatures, while Primaeval Designs has another for a future release. In 10mm Magister Militum makes two Ankylosaurs-Anklylosaurus and Euplocephalus. Again the 10mm are fine along with 15mm figures and Magister Militum’s Ankylosaurus is actually the same length as Khurasan’s, but a little taller.  The models scale out  in 1/100th as follows:

Khurasan-7cm= 23 feet

Magister Militum Ankylosaur -7cm= 23 feet

Euplocephalus-4.5 cm=15 feet

This makes both the Khurasan possibly a little small for an Ankylosaurus, while the M.M. model is a bit big, though the 10mm Euplocephalus is right for 10mm, but the runt of the litter in 15mm. Of course the animals grow throughout their lives and may be young specimens,etc. The M.M. Ankylosaurus looks different enough from the Khurusan to be a different species.


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