Carrying on from one of my first posts on ERM and Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm dromaeosaur dinosaurs, tonight I’ll look at the raptor offerings of Khurasan in 15mm and Magister Militum in 10mm.

The Khurasan animals are a great set of six different Deinonychus. The poses are all advancing/attacking but each is unique. Deinonychus is portrayed as feathered which seems to be the current scientific opinion in regards to the dromaosaurs. The tail and arms have long feathers with shorter feathers over the rest of the body, with the exception of naked head and scaly legs.  The figures are about 35mm nose to tail making the flock members about 11′-12′ in 1/100th scale. 

Since raptor fossils from North America and East Asia come in many sizes and species, I feel free to use the 10mm castings by Magister Militum. Magister Militum has two sets of sickle-claws: Deinonychus and Velociraptor. The M.M. Deinonychus is ‘old school’ and unfeathered (though the model could be said to be covered in proto-feathers since at such a small size one can’t differentiate smooth skin, tiny scales, or peach-fuzz. The 10mm Deinonychus comes in more than one very similiar pose. One pose has an open mouth, while the second has its mouth closed, but perhaps there is three poses, it’s hard to tell.  The models are about 25mm long so are around 8′ next to a 15mm figure.

The tiny Velociraptor models have noticable feathers and a fringe of longer feathers around the base of the bare head. These also come in a multipose pack of five and are about 20mm long, or 6′ in 1/100th scale. The little Velociraptor makes nice partly grown chicks for Khurasan’s Deinonychus.


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