Happy Halloween

On the special Halloween edition of the Prehistoriczoo15 we will have a look at Blue Moon Manufacturing’s pack 15HOR-106 “Mummies, Archaeologists, Explorers, Diggers”.  The great thing about Blue Moon’s 15/18mm offerings is that they often overlap. In the case of 15Hor-106 it is apparent that the figures are quite comfortable alongside the same manufacturers’ Deep Dark Africa line.  Both lines make nice VSF/Pulp-era adventurers to explore lost continents or the hollow earth.

The pack contains 25 figures -five mummies, four diggers, and 16 Western explorers and archaeologists. The Westerners are evenly split between men and women with all poses dressed in typical tropical kit. The figures mix well with the Deep Dark Africa Adventurers, Great White Hunters, and Missionaries, etc packs.

 Of the eight male figures, two are unarmed, two wear sidearms, and the other four wield revolvers, a rifle, and a shotgun. Two men carry lanterns and another has a burning torch. The lanterns are especially nice for a journey to the center of the earth. The man with the shotgun is clearly inspired by Brendan Fraser’s character in “The Mummy” series while one of the pistoleros is dressed in a fedora, leather jacket, and grips a whip in his left hand and is a useful Indiana Jones stand-in.

The female figures have four unarmed archaeologists and four  with side arms. Two of the handguns are clearly automatics so date these ladies as Pulp-Era. The gun-girls all wear riding boots and trousers and two carry torches and a third has a lantern. The unarmed women have three dressed in safari jacket and long dress while the third is dressed as their armed sisters. The three in dresses all have lights-two bulls-eye lamps and one torch and one girl holds a book while the other two have what appear to be maps.

The four diggers are fairly self-explanatory. Two with shovels and two with picks. One of each type holds a torch while his compatriot works. We hope they take turns. The figures wear typical long robes with one guy seems to have pulled his robe up to his knees to make it easier to work. One wears a fez while the other three have turbans wrapped around a fez.

Last but not least are the five mummies. One mummy is clearly bigger than the others so I assume he is the leader. He carries a bronze sickle-knife and the others are empty-handed. One figure wears a death-mask, or at least I interpreted this as a death-mask. Mummies go a bit beyond the topic of this blog, but who knows what lost ruins one might find in deepest Pellucidar? Have any returned alive after daring to enter such cursed tombs?


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