Magister Militum Jurassic Theropods

I’ve been a little quiet since Halloween so I have returned with more useful 10mm dinosaurs from Magister Militum. As I have repeated on previous posts, the 10mm dinosaurs fit in fine with 15mm figures as younger specimens of the same species or as stand-ins for other animals.  This lot is from the Jurassic range and represent three different theropod predators-Gasosaurus, Eustreptospondylus, and Allosaurus.

Gasosaurus was a small theropod found at Dashanpu fossil quarry in Sichuan Province China. It is noted to be only 3.5 to 4 meters long, but some controversy exists as to whether the fragmentary remains are of a juvenile. I bought two of the little Magister Militum models. I forgot to measure them, but from my own pics they look to be 20-25 mm long. This would put them in the 8-10′ range when compared to 15mm figures. Big enough to take out the unwary or unlucky explorer.

Eustreptospondylus roamed the island archipelago that would one day become the British Isles. It has been classified as a variety of Megalosaur, but the only known specimins are small. Maybe juvenile or adapted to island life through dwarfism. The Magister Militum model is 5.5cm long which actually scales it nearer 15mm when compared to the 4.63 meters of the fossils. In 1/1ooth scale 5.5 cm would translate to approximately 18′.

Last but not least is the Magister Militum Allosaur. A

nother dinosaur that the size is relative when you consider the large number of species of  Allosaurs that spread across the Northern Hemisphere during the Jurassic. Allosaurus is one of those very familiar dinosaurs whose anatomy is completely known. The Magister Militum model is nice , but the head lacks the prominent brow-horns of the North American A. Fragilis.  Don’t worry though, in the wonderful world of prehistoric life we soon discover that a Chinese allosaurid has been found with less obvious brow-horns so our Magister Militum model can represent this monster. The casting is 7cm long making a 23′ animal when used with 15mm miniatures.


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