Jurassic Vegans

With my previous post looking at the Jurassic theropods, now I’ll have a look at Magister Militums’ Jurassic herbivores. Again these are 10mm but very usable with 15mm adventurers and animals. In fact, two of the three miniatures fit in as 15mm dinosaurs as is.

First up we have Scelidosaurus, a small herbivore whose fossils have been found in various places including the British Isles and North America. This creature may have been the ancestor of the Cretaceous ankylosaurs. The Magister Militum model is very nice and does the little beast justice. The living animal was about 3.8 meters long (12.5 ‘) and the model is 27mm nose to tail-tip, making it 9′ with 15mm figures. Again the model is quite nice with nicely detailed osteoderms covering the back. I’m glad I bought two.

Next we have another armored dinosaur Kentrosaurus, a stegosaur from Tanzania. The living Kentrosaurus was up to 4.5 meters (15′) long and the Magister Militum offering measures 4cm. At 1/100th scale this makes the Kentrosaurus model approximately 13′ long.  This is another nice model with excellent detail. Too bad my inept photography makes it look like a gum-machine toy. The Kentrosaur was rather interesting in that it had Stegosaurus-like plates on the front half of its back with a double row of  spikes on the rear half .  Typical of stegosaurs, Kentrosaurus’ tail ends in a “thagomizer” -a word I did not know existed until this year. I’m thinking of saying to my wife “I think I need a thagomizer” and she’ll reply “I think they have those at the pharmacy.”

Lastly we have good ol’ Camptosaurus, a dinosaur known since 1879. Camptosaurus was another in the long line of dinosaurs that filled the niche now occupied by many ungulate mammals. This makes them an unassuming critter that likely wandered about constantly browsing the low-growing vegetation.  This is true Allosaurus food. Originally the first specimens of Camptosaurus were mounted in an upright stance like a kangaroo, but the latest anatomical studies reveal that it was mostly a quadruped. Magister Militum opted for a compromise and have the animal bipedal but with its back horizontal. This is acceptable since Camptosaurus appears capable of bipedal movement. In the BBC Planet Dinosaur series Camptosaurus is reconstructed using bipedal locomotion to flee from an Allosaurus. It seems many of these herbivores could rear on their hind legs to reach leaves and possibly run short distances.  The Camptosaurus model is 5 cm long which actually makes the figure closer in scale to 15mm as according to Paul’s “The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs”, Camptosaurus was about 5 meters (16′) long.


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