Khurasan 15mm Deep Ones

I’ve neglected my blog for sometime. Very busy and I’ve not had much new material to add. To get the ball rolling again, I’ll have a look at Khurasan Miniatures excellent new ‘Deep Ones’ figures. What heresy is this? H.P. Lovecraft inspired miniatures on a prehistoric/lost world blog? If you recall your Mythos, the Great Old Ones and their minions are timeless and have dwelt upon the earth for eons before the rise of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The Deep Ones might be the result of genetic tinkering by The Great Race of Yith during the late Devonian, or perhaps the Octopus God himself grew them as intelligent slaves from some creature such as Ichtyostega?


Khurasan’s ‘Deep Ones’ pack has 12 figures in six poses. I purchased two sets so I have quite a horde of 24 humanoids from the deep. They were a breeze to paint. I used a couple of different shades of green with a pale underbelly and yellow eyes. The bases are washers built up with Liquitex modelling paste, then dipped in sand with a tiny seashell glued on here and there.


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