Khurasan Salamen

Since I have the day off for my birthday and it’s rather rainy out, I decided to post some pics of Khurasan Miniatures Salamen from their Mystri Island range. For some reason I only have one pack of these and  must have picked them up over a year ago. I imagine them living in the woodlands of our lost world, remaining in caves during the dry season, and emerging during the wet season when they are most likely to be encountered. Keep an eye out for them on rainy days. My paint scheme is so-so, I tried to give them a newt look with orange belly and blue-green stripe down the crest. The javelins are bronze -tipped and I painted the belt and baldric grey to represent some other material besides leather.

The first picture is a comparison of a Blue Moon Victorian detective and a Deep One and the second is the same chap with a Salaman


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