Copplestone Picts

Copplestone Castings has a new 15mm fantasy range inspired by the works of R.E. Howard. So far the listing includes both Cimmerian and Nordic barbarian types, useful animals for a prehistoric setting (wolves and cave bears), and the recent addition of ‘Picts’. These Picts are not the Dark Age variety familar to historical ancients gamers, but Hyborean primitives from Howard’s Conan and Bran Mak Morn tales. In this guise the Picts are portrayed as Stone Age savages somewhat reminiscent of the Victorian image of Neanderthals.  This makes them perfect for prehistoric/ lost world gaming.

The pack I received included twelve figures in eight poses. Four poses were unique and four were doubles. The primitives are powerfully built and clad only in fur loin cloths. For weapons they carry a variety of stone axes, picks, and spears. A few figures have a trophy head hanging from the belt that keeps on their breechclouts. At first look I thought the heads were skulls, but a closer view showed them to still have noses but empty eye-sockets so I painted them grey-green as mummified. All the poses are nicely active and the weapons look suitable for bringing down megafauna.

For a paint scheme I opted for a darker skin tone than I used for the Primeaval Designs Neanderthals. As near-naked, I imagine them living in a warmer climate than the more heavily-clothed PD cavemen.  Included in the gallery are comparison shots between the Copplestone Picts and Primaeval Designs Neanderthals. These make good opponents and I’m now considered a Rosny-inspired “La Guerre du Feu” adventure.


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