15mm Primaeval Designs Allosaurus

Just before I was laid up in the hospital, I sent off an order for Primaeval Designs’ new 15mm Allosaurus. Big Al and I go way back and it was perhaps my favorite theropod when I was young. While T-Rex may be bigger and smarter, the more gracile Allosaurus always seemed more dangerous. Allosaurus looks like he might actually run you down.

For a paint scheme I went for a sun-dappled look. This was inspired by a couple of lizard photos I found online. The model measures 9cm long. At 1/100 that would make Primaeval Design’s offering about 29.5′ long. This makes our animal slightly longer than the average specimen of Allosaurus Fragilis (8.5m)-in other words perfectly acceptable. We have a big boy here!



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