Magister Militum 10mm Therizinosaurus

I’ve had this model since November, but various distractions have kept me from painting it and posting about it on the Zoo. I commend Magister Militum for making a figure of such a strange beast. Therizinosaurs were a group of unusual theropods that first appear in the Early Cretaceous and lasted up until the end of the Mesozoic in Asia and North America. Unlike their carnivorous cousins, the Therizinosaurs were largely herbivorous and characterized by small, beaked heads, and large bellies to process all that plant matter. Their most distinctive feature are the Freddy Kruger-like scythe claws on their forelimbs. It has been speculated that these animals may have been too slow to outrun Tyrannosaurs and  the giant claws evolved as a defensive weapon. The largest of these animals was Therizisaurus itself which reach an estimated 10 meters/33 ft. Our model, even at 10mm size, still measures 7.5 cm which translates to 25 feet in 1/100th scale. It towers nicely over 15/18mm explorers. The comparison photos show Therizinosaurus next to a Blue Moon Manufacturing 15/18mm Victorian detective and a 15mm Primaeval Designs Tyrannosaurus Rex.ImageImageImageImage


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