Chariot Miniatures Sabre-Tooth Cats

ImageChariot Miniatures sabre-tooth cats.
This is another pack I received from across the pond. A set of four sabre-tooth cats from Chariot Miniatures 15mm Fantasy
range. Like Chariot’s Rhinosaurs, these cats can be purchased pulling a vehicle or are availble seperately for the prehistoric
gamer. The pack has four cats in one basic pose, except that one feline has his head cocked a little to the left, and all are
snarling and baring their stabbing fangs. The models are sculpted a little shaggy with a definite fur texture. They measure
2cm from the tip of the nose to the end of the stubby tail. 2 cm at 1/100th scale makes them about 7.5′ long or close in size to
Smilodon Fatalis. Due to their shaggy appearance, I decided to try something different and gave them a grey
with black mottleing scheme. I’m thinking they might live in a mountain enviroment where their coat would allow them to
blend in with rocky terrain. Along with the Chariot sabre-tooths, I now have cats from Khurasan, Primaeval Designs, Mick Yarrow, and Splintered Light. I’ll have to review each individually and then do a Grand Kitty Review to compare all five brands. Image



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