Blue Moon Foreign Legion miniatures.

Some of the poses from the advancing and skirmishing packs

Some of the poses from the advancing and skirmishing packs

Sergeants and buglers from the command pack

Sergeants and buglers from the command pack



I have not had a chance to update the Prehistoric Zoo in some time. Life and lack of funds have gotten in the way of idle blogging. Though stretching the theme of this blog somewhat, today I’ll have a look at Blue Moon’s French Foreign Legion figures. While the Legion does not immediately cry out ‘Prehistoric!’, the period when the FFL was most active and uniformed in their iconic fashion spanned the era when ‘Lost World/Lost Race’ fiction was at its height: the last quarter of the 19th century through the first quarter of the 20th. At that time, large parts of the world still remained unexplored and thus open to speculation regarding prehistoric survivors and exotic civilizations.
The figures pictured are from sets 15FFT-106 Command in Greatcoat, 15FFT-108 Advancing in Greatcoat, and 15FFT-109 Skirmishing in Greatcoat. With all these packs you get a massive 75 figures, so almost enough for the ‘basic force’ in a ‘Sword and the Flame’ FFL force (You would still need a mounted unit and a gun/machine gun to complete it). Painting is pretty straight-forward for these figures. Only the officers allow for variety, as you can see from the photo where I gave them a mix of dark blue and khaki tunics. With these uniforms you have troops stationed in North Africa between 1895 and 1914. There were small changes during this era (most notably troops began changing over to khaki after 1905 or so, and after 1903 the low canvas gaiters of greatcoat material were changed to black leather versions).
As usual with Blue Moon, the quality of the figures is uniformly high with the anatomy being generally correct. If you want 15MM/18MM Legionnaires to wander into the Lost Valley, explore Pellucidar, or fight against invading Martians, these are your men.


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