28mm Primaeval Designs’ Eryops

I’m an amiphibophile and have long been fascinated by the primitive amphibians of the Permian and early Triassic. I noticed
that Primaeval Designs had a pack of 6 Eryops in their 28mm range. What heresy is this? 28mm models on a 15mm blog, but don’t
worry, I found that these Eryops can serve as stand-ins for larger prehistoric amphibians. The living Eryops would have been about
1.5m/6′ in length, making a 28mm figurine about 2.8cm long (or 28mm duh). Actually the swimming Eryops figure is exactly 3cm in length.
while the version hauled up on the bank is about 2.5cm, though the tail is curved a bit. While of course these little guys
make great Eryops for 28mm games, I’ll be using my models as stand-ins for Mastodontosaurus, a larger Triassic amphibian with
pretty much the same toad/salamander hybrid form. The main distinguishing feature of Mastodontosaurus were that two of the
teeth in its lower jaw projected through slots in the upper jaw. Mastodontosaurus was 4 meters/13 feet long so in 15mm that
would work out to 4 cm in 1/100th scaleImageImage. In the pack you receive three waterline Eryops and three on land. Since the bases were nicely round
and flat, I opted not to base them and just covered the integral base in white glue and sand. For a color scheme I used a
newt for inspiration but ended up not overly happy with them, but I do like the orange dorsal stripe. Giant labyrinthodonts
would make nice guardian beasts for Deep One lairs.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Harold on July 22, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Nice and chompy!


    • When I bought these I was thinking of the part in ERB’s “At the Earth’s Core” where David Innes encounters a giant labryinthodont after escaping the Mahar city.


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