Chariot Miniatures ‘Rhinosaurus'(Centrosaurus?)

I recently received a parcel from Magister Militum and one of the packs included was a set of four Chariot Miniatures’ “Rhinosaurus”.
As you can see from the photos, Rhinosaurus is depicted as a single-horned ceratopian dinosaur that looks very much like
one of the species of Centrosaurs, specifically Centrosaurus Nasicornis. Back in the old days, C.Nasicornis was known as
“Monoclonius”, but somewhere along the line was classified as a Centrosaur along with Styracosaurus, Einosaurus, Achelousa-
saurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus. Centrosaurus Nasicornis was a 5m/17′ beast which makes it not very big as far as dinosaurs are
concerned. The Chariot miniature measures out at 3.5cm making it a bit small at around 11′ in 15mm terms. Maybe these are juveniles
or females? The four castings in the bag are indentical, but this is no problem as they make a fine herd. They are also availble as with various lizard man riders and pulling a lizard man chariot.

I gave them a very
simple paint scheme-overall tan, a lighter underside, ivory horns and knobs, and a brown beak. Nothing fancy and they look
fine to me.



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